Bollywood Dance Party

We can't promise the glorious sunshine and sights of India - but we can promise plenty of laughs with your friends! The highly energetic dance style, Bollywood, has soared in popularity over recent years. It is best described as a mixed dance form combining various styles including: Indian folk, Belly Dancing, Modern and Bhangra. This class is sure to keep you on your toes! 

STEP 1. CHEERS! Raise your glasses of bubbly and make a toast to the celebrations ahead.

STEP 2. Your instructor will lead you through a warm-up to get your muscles and joints prepared to execute the Bollywood moves correctly.

STEP 3. Your group will be given an introduction to the technique of Bollywood dance so that you can get a feel for the style before learning your routine.


STEP 4. You are ready to learn your choreographed routine. Whether you choose the well-known Bollywood-Pop number "Jai Ho!" or a classic Bollywood music mix, just be ready to get your sweat on!! 

STEP 5. Each member of your group will receive a mini personalised trophy of achievement in an award ceremony at the end of your class. Congratulations! 


TIP!!! Hip scarves with tassels or beads will help emphasise your movements, bringing you Bollywood vibes!

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