Burlesque Dance Party

Ever hear a song or see a music video and feel like getting your sexy on? Get your friends together and let's seduce and tease our way through a classic burlesque track, pulling off moves like we're at the Moulin Rouge or Pussycat Dolls Lounge!!

Step 1. Your burlesque class will begin with a warm up designed to get you comfortable with your own body and not being afraid to love yourself! You will be taught how to hold yourself and work your lines and posture. 

STEP 2. Select your stage name! Every Burlesque dancer needs their very own alter-ego stage name, and you will each choose your own with the help of your group.


STEP 3. Your routine has been prepared to your chosen Burlesque track, so whether you opt for a slow song, or something up tempo and jazzy, rest assured you and your girls will be owning the routine and seducing and teasing your way through the song in no time! 

STEP 4. Each member of your group will receive a mini trophy of achievement in an award ceremony at the end of your class. Congratulations! 


TIP!!! Burlesque attire is encouraged! Boas, corsets, fishnets, garters, gloves, heels. If you would prefer not to show too much flesh, leggings with a garter over or a vest with a corset over will work just as well. 

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