POP Dance Party

Whether your popstar music video obsession was during the 90's, noughties or now, we can help you re-live that obsession and have you Popping til' you drop! 


Britney, Little Mix, Spice Girls, S Club 7, Katy Perry, Rihanna, Lady Ga Ga, Backstreet Boys, MJ, Madonna...

or if you are struggling to choose just one anthem, take a look at our TRACKLIST and choose a mash up. At LDP we will work with you to create the perfect class for your group!

STEP 1. All aboard the Vengabus for a pop-tastic warm up that will get your bodies pumped and energy high ready to give it your all in your class. The warm up will incorporate signature moves and pop anthems from your chosen song's era to really transport you to that time. 

STEP 2. Time to practice our popstar performance techniques - all you have to do is give it your all and unleash your inner pop star! Here at LDP we love to pretend we are performing in front of a live audience - so feel the buzz and be ready to give the performance of your LIFE! 

STEP 3. Your choreographer has your routine prepared and ready for you to learn. We will take iconic moves and moments from the music video of your choice, combine them with our own, and tweak and adapt them so that they are easy for you learn. Don't worry, we work at the pace of your group as we want to ensure that you all feel comfortable with the moves, we will go over the sequences as many times as you want! 

STEP 4. Each member of your group will receive a mini trophy of achievement in an award ceremony at the end of your class. Congratulations! 


TIP!!! Dress in the theme of the music video or in a signature outfit of your chosen popstar - let's live out our popstar dream!

100% battery required! TAG US on instagram!


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