Rock 'n' Roll Dance Party

A dance class for the retro lovers! Let's step into our LDP time machine and twirl right into the 50's in this Rock 'n' Roll themed dance class! You can choose between a classic theme, or if you want to turn the heat up a notch, a sexier Pin Up Girl theme.

STEP 1. Time to warm up to some classic retro anthems and get our bodies prepped for the flicks n kicks ahead!

STEP 2. You will learn a series of foundation moves to get you comfortable with the style. Practice makes perfect, and we will adapt the pace of the class to suit your group. These moves will later be incorporated into your choreographed routine prepared by your instructor. 

STEP 3. Now that you are all acquainted with the style, it is time to learn your chosen routine which involves partner-work so guarantees plenty of giggles for the group! Plenty of spinning, posing, hand jiving and creating some fab rock 'n' roll memories.

STEP 4. Each member of your group will receive a mini personalised trophy of achievement in an award ceremony at the end of your class. Congratulations! 


TIP!!! Wear a full-circle skirt to really accentuate those twirls and flicks!

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Past LDP Jiving Queens!